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Who We Are

Hairopedia is India's leading platform for connecting individuals looking for Hair Treatment Consultations. Hairopedia instantly matches hundreds of clients every day with top-rated hair loss treatment professionals in the operating cities. Hairopedia is the easiest, most convenient way to search for the best hair loss experts near you.

Our Story: Post hair loss many of us, are in need of a qualified hair transplant or hair loss expert, and we don’t know which expert to approach and who would be the right expert to seek consultation from. And this is exactly where Hairopedia steps in. Through Hairopedia, the client is connected to a qualified hair loss expert in a short span of time once they fill the required form in the search box section. The appointed hair loss expert then calls the client to provide consultation as they receive the client details. Thus we just act as an aggregator platform, whereby clients and hair loss experts receive contact details of each other.

Vision & Mission

Defined by need and solution, guided by sheer dedication, Hair-O-Pedia has adopted certain methodologies and exclusiveness that has received a plethora of appreciations from its users! We are guided by our values & driven by our motto to improve the experience related to hair loss treatment across the world. We want Hair-O-Pedia as your FIRST-CHOICE partner, for any queries related to hair loss consultation.

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With a network of verified professionals and happy clients, we have emerged as a leading name in the hair treatment expert finder category. We believe in creating better services, for enhanced living and therefore every day, we make sure we provide the best in class services to our clients and expert professionals.

I had already taken hair transplant treatment earlier, but it was of no avail. I gave one last shot with this hairopedia platform to it. And, to my surprise this time, I got to know I was never given the right treatment. Thanks to you guys for providing this excellent platform to compare and choose your own hair treatment specialist within your area.

Roopam Kamble

I was losing hair from my hairline. It’s still a very embarrassing thing for women in our country. I consulted with many doctors and each time the doctors told me different solutions and cost of the procedure. One day, I visited hairopedia and filled the form after that, I got a call from your executive who helped me to figure out what’s best for me and recommended me to the best doctor.


I visited the site for my husband. He was not considering a hair transplant because he wasn’t sure whether it works or not. With the help of your expert online consulting, we took the sessions with the doctor. He explained to us how the process works and what’s best for my husband’s case.”Really Hairopedia is one such portal where you can get the best hair treatment specialist in your area.


Because of hormonal disorder my hair density was already decreasing, and after giving birth to my child, there were visible signs of baldness. I got scared and started searching for the doctor to consult. I saw hairopedia.com With the help of your site, I met with the finest hair transplant surgeon in my area.


Because of my baldness, I started looking old in my late 20s. One of my colleagues suggested me to visit your site. I filled the inquiry form and was referred to one hair transplant clinic. I met with Dr Korpe, who suggested me to go on certain medication instead of direct hair transplant. There was no glitch in the services hairopedia provides and I found the clinics they refer are mostly best and genuine in their knowledge.

Vimal Chauhan