Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Website is owned & operated by Hair-O-Pedia And, "this document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as applicable and the provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. Moreover, this electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures to make the terms of this policy binding."

This Privacy Policy agreement is effective as of November 15th, 2019. In this Privacy Policy, we describe the information that we collect about you when you visit our Website, (the "Website") and use the services available on the Website ("Services"), and how we use &disclose that information.

By using the Hair-O-Pedia website or by otherwise giving us your data or information, you'll be deemed to have read, agreed and understood the practices & policies outlined in this privacy policy and further agree to be bound by the privacy policy.

You hereby consent/give us permission to use and share your information as described in this privacy policy. Hairopedia reserves the right to modify, change, add or delete portions of this privacy policy, at our sole discretion, at any time. If you don't agree with this privacy policy at any time, please do not use Hairopedia website or give us any of your information.

Indeed privacy issues are a high priority for Hairopedia. And we 100% follow the industry-standard practices to maintain end to end security of your personal information submitted to us. Also, do read/learn more our following privacy policy features but not limited to

Privacy Policy coverage

Hairopedia’s privacy policy covers its registered users (users looking for Hair transplant services on Hairopedia's portal) and hair transplant/ hair treatment experts(Experts, doctors, surgeons, clinics, hair transplant centres, hospitals etc. listed with us). We collect personally identifiable information when you are on the Hairopedia website when you register with us for the first time. And, Hairopedia guarantees to keep registered-user identity-information confidential.

We, on a strict note, do not sell user data or personal information to any party, other than the concerned hair transplant/ treatment expert (or service provider). Also, you shall be deemed to have given consent to the same when you choose Hairopedia platform to find a hair transplant or hair treatment expert. Also, we do use cookies, which helps us to identify your Website navigation pattern.

In addition to being a need fulfilment aggregator Platform, Hairopedia also includes testimonials or feedback section, which will be available in the public domain. And it will be visible to all visitors of Hairopedia, irrespective of their profile as registered or non-registered users.

Hairopedia takes your privacy very seriously. However, there may be instances when we need to disclose your personal information to third parties such as Hairopedia's registered users/hair transplant or hair treatment service providers listed with us may call you; based on the enquiry or query that you make with us, during the registration process.

Hairopedia also reserves the right to share recordings of all phone calls made between any hair transplant expert or hair treatment expert(in short hair transplant/treatment service provider) and Hairopedia employees. You further disclaim any right to sue Hairopedia about the same.


Yes, as mentioned above, this Website Hairopedia uses cookies as is common in the industry for your easy navigation from one webpage to another. Hairopedia uses site log files and cookies to monitor user registration, to further recognise registered members(website users) when they revisit the Website and to track website usage. Cookies are nothing but a digital footprint in two words, perhaps every time you visit a website, either Hairopedia or Amazon or Flipkart etc., your browser device downloads several small files which are commonly called "cookies."

These cookies allow the Hairopedia website (or the best example, in this case, is Amazon website) to recognise your particular browser or device. Well, it typically does so to help you remember your easy navigation, preferences and other useful things.

Our Artificial Intelligence generated the ability to identify you as a registered user allows us to protect your identifiable-information based on your account settings and to customise the Hairopedia experience. In case you have any further doubts related to cookies, or if you want to read more detailed information about this privacy policy feature that is cookies, you can find everything at

Secure Payment gateway

Hairopedia’s online transactions are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and since Hairopedia is one of the flagship products of APEX INFOTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED.

And all the payments made to or through Hairopedia are transacted to APEX INFOTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED’s ACCOUNT.

Partnering with others

In future, Hairpedia may partner with other online services(such as chatbot) to offer a combined service. And, whenever we offer such combined services, Hairopedia will make it clear who the partner is, and it will be entirely up to your discretion to use or not to use the partner offered service.

Also, on an additional note, whenever any personal information is passed along to the partner, you will be notified prior to' that sharing.

Other than as set out objectives in this Privacy Policy Content, we shall NOT sell or disclose your personal data or information to third parties without obtaining your prior consent or permission or unless we're required to do the same by the government law, or it is necessary for the purposes set out in Hairopedia's Privacy Policy.

Disclosures required by law

It is for sure that we will need to disclose personal information whenever required by government law. We will disclose such information or data wherein we have a reasonable belief/faith that it is necessary to comply with ongoing judicial proceeding/proceedings, a court order, or other legal process served on our company(Hairopedia & APEX Infotech private limited) or to defend against legal claims or exercise our legal rights.

Policy on abuse

Hairopedia is committed to enforcing and ensuring a safe and friendly online community space for all our users. To this effect, we have also come up with a concrete policy on abuse that we'd like all our members to be aware of.

1. No registered user is allowed to post abusive content in the feedback and testimonial sections.

2. No registered user is allowed to communicate abusive language in any emails which is directed to Hairopedia at

These rules govern the use of this portal and its product/service offerings, and we'd like all our users to cooperate in complying with these rules so that everyone can have an encouraging and pleasant experience.

Safety Guidelines

The portal is always reaching out to a wider audience by showcasing the best of our user contributions in the form of testimonials. However, in doing so, we'll not allow any unwanted content to be uploaded anything on the Website that we think could be potentially endangering or embarrassing or is inflammatory to our users.

Also, the following guidelines help users to be aware of certain things in the interest of their safety.

• All users are responsible for the safety of their data or information. To stay protected, it is essential not to share your login details with anyone.

• If any such misuse is made, we are not responsible, or we can not be held responsible for any issues arising out of such abuse.

Also make sure that you don't disclose anyone about your login details, password or any other piece of information as this is part of our security measures. We share this guideline to prevent people from misusing our Website; to make sure that our rights are not affected.

Further, you are solely responsible for the entire content sought after using your login details and password. Moreover, you must also notify us immediately if your login details and/or password, are used without your consent. We hold the right to disable any account if, in our absolute discretion, you've failed to comply with these terms and conditions described above, including if your display name is inappropriate in any way.

(i) Accept this privacy policy statement on such individual’s or entity’s behalf

(ii) Consent on behalf of such entity or individual to our collection, use & disclosure of such entity’s or individual’s information as described in this privacy policy statement.


• All users are gently reminded that they may be held legally accountable for what they post on Hairopedia website

• In particular, users may be held liable or responsible for any threats and / or untrue statements, defamatory comments, or other illegal/ fraudulent claims made by them.

• Hairopedia doesn't endorse the opinions expressed by its users.

• If any user fails to observe the above rules of conduct at any time, Hairopedia reserves the right to terminate the membership of the user depending on the nature and severity of the issue/issues without the consent of the user or giving prior warning to the user.

In complying with the provisions described in the Information Technology Act 2000 and Rules, one can contact the Grievance Officer at

Our board has developed this Privacy Policy to express our firm commitment to aid our registered users about what information or data we collect about them and what may happen to that information.

In this regard, if you have any questions or comments about the Privacy Policy, please contact us at